The ZMQ PDNS Feed allows a user to ingest a live feed of the PDNS data after it has been deduped, redacted and preprocessed. It is recommended that users use the Kafka distribution feed over the ZMQ feed as the Kafka distribution feed is more robust and secure. When a user cannot keep up with the ZMQ feed messages are often lost. Messages can also be lost when server maintenance is done. The ZMQ feed also does not support the TXT and SOA DNS feeds which the Kafka distribution model does.

To connect to the ZMQ feed we must first ACL an IP that users would connect from. When reading from the feed connect to "tcp://" using the socket subscribe method. The feed contains A, AAAA, CNAME, MX and NS DNS record types. The data will be in a CSV format with the record type as the first field. Further details are outlined below.
Record Type Format
A A | epoch timestamp | hostname | ipv4 address
AAAA AAAA | epoch timestamp | hostname | ipv6 address
CNAME CNAME | epoch timestamp | host | cname
MX MX | epoch timestamp | domain | mx
NS NS | epoch timestamp | domain | nameserver